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Colloque / Séminaire

Deux Séminaires LICIT - 1/ Can we predict plausible safety statistics through traffic simulation? Definitely maybe.

Le 31 octobre 2019

Deux séminaires : 14h30-16h30
Amphi du bas - ENTPE – Rue Maurice Audin, 69120 Vaulx-en-Velin

Langue / language: the presentation will be in English

Présenté par : Prof. Hans Van Lint, TU Delft

Prof. Hans Van Lint, TU Delft

Résumé au format pdf + biographie de l'orateur

Traffic simulation models are invaluable tools for designing and evaluating road transport systems in terms of efficiency, and—under certain conditions—environmental impact. Unfortunately, none of todays' traffic simulation models in practice or academia are valid to assess traffic safety effects. YET. I will discuss a possible path towards simulation models that can be used for this purpose, using a multi-level simulation framework that strictly separates collision-free driving from (flawed) human cognition.