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Colloque / Séminaire

Séminaire CREATIS (présentiel INSA) : Twenty Years in the Field of Quantitative Ultrasound: An Engineer and Mercenary Perspective by Jonathan Mamou, Weill Cornel Medicine, New York

Le 18 décembre 2023

Campus LyonTech-La Doua
Salle Modesty Blaise bâtiment Vinci, INSA Lyon

Quantitative ultrasound (QUS) is an active research field focused on obtaining quantitative tissue properties (i.e., system- and user-independent) from ultrasound data. Conventional ultrasound imaging is commonly used to visualize soft tissue morphology. During scanning, a gray-scale B-mode image is displayed on screen from which a trained clinician can evaluate tissue states. However, B-mode image formation discards valuable information in the raw backscattered echo signal that encodes information about tissue microstructure. Therefore, microstructural changes in soft tissues that accompany disease processes, but do not directly affect tissue morphology, may not be visible in B-mode images. My group develops QUS methods using the raw ultrasound data to reconstruct parametric maps that are representative of tissue microstructure. In this talk, I will briefly review QUS methods based on analyzing the backscatter coefficient and envelope statistics. My group has performed QUS studies (theoretical, basic science

Séminaire labellisé MEGA