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Colloque / Séminaire

Séminaire LaMCoS (présentiel - INSA) : Real contact area reduction under shear in elastomer/glass contacts : contributing mechanisms for wide range of normal loads

Le 21 février 2023

Salle Bellecour-Terreaux (bât. Sophie Germain, INSA)

Langue / language: the presentation will be in English

Présenté par : Davy DALMAS (laboratoire LTDS, UMR5513)

Davy Dalmas, laboratoire LTDS, UMR5513

Résumé au format pdf

We revisit experimentally the sliding behavior of a single smooth elastomeric sphere (PDMS) in contact with a smooth glass plate by looking into details at the local behavior at the interface. By tracking the positon of small particles inserted in the elastomer close to the interface, we show the existence of two main local mechanisms responsible for the evolution of the real contact area: peeling/laying at the rear/front of the contact and in-plane deformation. Then, we investigate experimentally the dynamics of elastomer/glass contacts near the friction transition under increasing shear for the widest loading range in the literature and show the effects of a on the mechanisms responsible for the area reduction.