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Colloque / Séminaire

Séminaire LVA - Sound field control - Some engineering applications

Le 27 septembre 2018

à l'Amphithéâtre Clémence Royer - Bâtiment Jacqueline Ferrand (premier étage)

Présenté par : Alain Berry, Professeur titulaire GAUS Sherbrooke

Concepts and technologies for controling sound fields over extended regions of space using loudspeaker arrays have been around for some time, especially for audio and music reproduction. In comparison, little has been done on this subject for engineering applications. The presentation will review the basics of the most employed spatial sound field reproduction techniques - Wave Field Synthesis, Ambisonics and inverse approaches. Applications of these techniques will be shown for spatial reproduction of sound fields in vehicles or in workplaces, acoustic absorption measurement, vibroacoustic testing of panels under synthetic sound fields and auralization of vibroacoustics models