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Séminaire CREATIS - High Frame Rate Vector Flow Imaging on a Clinical Ultrasound Scanner and Quantitative Measurements for Clinical Applications

Le 5 juin 2019

salle de réunion du laboratoire CREATIS, 4ème étage, Bât. Blaise Pascal, INSA

Présenté par : Yigang DU, Ph. D., Research Engineer @ Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd, Shenzhen, China

Résumé au format pdf + biographie de l'orateur

The high frame rate vector flow imaging (HFR-VFI) has been implemented on Mindray Resona 7, which is a high-end clinical ultrasound system. Development of HFRVFI on a clinical scanner is quite different from the theoretical researches or laboratory simulations. Image quality for both flow and gray-scale images need to be satisfied simultaneously for a general and real clinical use. Moreover, computation efficiency and user-friendly experience will be mostly taken in consideration in the development. The HFR-VFI can measure both the magnitude and direction of the flow velocity at a very short time instance. Compared to conventional Color Doppler and Pulsed Wave Doppler, more quantitative calculations based on vector velocities can be made for more clinical applications, such as flow turbulence, volume flow and wall shear stress measurements. This makes it possible to carry out a fully hemodynamic clinical studies.